Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where have I been?

I guess I neglected this blog.
Well since the start of May.
Roger Federer lost the French Open final. Mind crushing for me. Roger Federer wins Wimbledon for the fourth straight time beating Rafael Nadal in four sets Yay!
I've been downloading a ton of tennis videos. I better start watching them.
We didn't have the computer for three weeks in the middle of June. I was going crazy of boredom and I got crabby at everyone. I guess it's normal by now. I felt lost without it. Especially in the first week of Wimbledon. Well Pierre the computer guy got it back and it was late because the company didn't send it and done with it when they said they would so it was crazy.
I've started to play tennis again. Once every Saturday. Last Saturday I played for two hours and I felt extremely weak but I woke up fine. I'm glad I got over what everyone will be thinking. I just worry about myself. I guess I've grown a bit.
Big Brother has started. Really interested in it because it's All Stars. I'm really rooting for Marcellas and James. I'm slowly liking Janelle more and more. She seems to put on a face for everyone but when she talks serious I have so much respect for her and I'm actually interested in what she's saying not when she's acting all dumb blonde. Last Saturday an internet friend of mine Daniel's live feed account didn't work for him so he asked me to try it out for him and it worked. So he allowed me to keep the username and password so it's great. I like the small talk but strategy talk is of course great. Seems like Alison is going this week since Marcellas has promised to vote her out.
My brother downloaded super nintendo and all it's games for his computer which is great! I play it when he's gone to work or at a friends which is rare these days. I'm playing super mario all stars,super mario kart and super tennis.
I've been reading a lot of love stories trying to get over bad ending in movies. Pretty interested in them. I read to the end to see if together then I'll read it.
That's it for the past two months :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

So this is how it feels

Well it's been two weeks sincee I last blogged so here I go again. I've been getting into fights with my parents, mostly because I'm mad with myself but they'll never know that. I've had a ton of regrets and backtracking on what went wrong and what the hell is wrong with me. Wishing I could go back in time and change it and it would change my life for the better rather than the worse in which I am in the present day. I feel so lonely in this world with no one to share my feelings to and with(face to face). Everytime I see myself I see an ugly face and ugly body an ugly person. I'm guessing this is what depression is like. Mostly brought on by myself.
Anyway to lighter news. I've been watching a lot of short films and videos on youtube. I'm not really into myspace cause it's boring to read. Again I've been downloading a ton of tennis videos and on bittorrent upstairs on my brother's computer he keeps deleting my download. It's so frustrating but I don't feel like saying it and waste my energy on him. He treats me like shit anyway.
My parents bought me an air mattress to replace my regular matress. I'm like what the hell? I laid down on it and it sucks it's nothing like a real mattress plus it smells like a new haven factory(i don't know how it smells but my mind wanders).I obviously said no and my mom put out a new sheet now my bed is all green when my favorite color is red. I hate green but it doesn't really matter.
All my tv shows are ending for the season. The big downer is that Will and Grace will be ending forever there are only 2 episodes left :'(. That show is so funny. Gotta go to supper, Hope not to eat too much.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Long Blog about nothing

Conservatives just reversed our softwood lumber deal. All the courts said we were in the right and that we should get our money but NO! Stephen Harper being pro-american and kissing Bush's ass had to stop it and let the americans keep the money they stole from us. How wonderful! not. God this is stupid we've fought for it for some two years. He knows he can get away with it because we just came out of an election and he knows the other parties won't get together for another year or so to try and defeat him so he can do whatever he wants.
NHL Playoffs have started. Go Sens! The ottawa networks basically commit half their broadcast to it. It's annoying but at least they cover it. Sens are up 2-1 in the series and play again tonight. I'm rooting for all the canadian teams but I like the sens more.
The computer stopped starting last night and I felt so lonely without it. Now it's on and I'm happy.
I've been listening to Fiona Apple for the past two weeks and she's growing on me. I tend to like that low key sad music since there's not many rock bands that you can hear what they're singing or rather yelling. I wish I knew more rock bands like Simple Plan,Good Charlotte and kinda Blink 182. Comment if you're reading.
MTV's preview keeps going. It was suppose to stop last Friday but it keeps going. I like MTV Canada because of MTV Live. They talk about issues which is good. I wish they still showed MTV Usa shows.
I went a week and a half without Doritos. I KNOW! I finally got some this tuesday.
I have a friend. When I say I have a friend I mean friend. Like I of all people would be in this situation. He wants to know if he should be with this person is this person doesn't want anyone to know about them and first to have sex. I think it's soo stupid but he's seriously considering it! Me being catholic I am totally against it but he's not so I haven't put in my "religious" view. I think he should first have a relationship with this person before having sex. Comment!
Randy Ferbey won the Players Curling Championship :) But Roger lost his second match of the year to Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo Tennis. Roger better get over his block over beating Nadal.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playing with Men

This week was my last week of curling until next fall. On sunday we played a sheet against sheet thing where you had 3 shots to try to get a tight guard,top12,top 8,top 4,teeline,backline,button. You get two points if you're first and one if you're second among the sheets. We came in tied for second losing by one point. Sucks I know. Monday Morning I got a call from Neil(one of my instructors) and he asked me if I wanted to play in the men's league that night as a spare. I was soo excited. I played great not missing a lot of shits. If I did it was by inches. I played lead and swept my heart out on every shot. I loved it. But it was all older mean kinda which sucks. We won 7-3 in 6 ends and afterwards I threw some rocks. That's it for the season. I'm gonna pay for a student membership next season because I still wanna keep curling.
Canada lost the Worlds again. We are really sucking compared to other years.
Today it went up to 23 but went down as it progressed.
We got a new desk for the downstairs computer with compartments and stuff. It's pro but the keyboard is soo low that I can't put my foot on the chair and type.
That's this week!

Monday, April 03, 2006

18 degres

It went up to that this week. Pretty nice but yesterday was cool and I won 5-3 even though I only made one shot. Federer won Miami again :) Hope he keeps winning and get the French Open.
My brother was out for the weekend so I could use his computer! I downloaded some videos and watched them from Azureus.
Last week I saw a great movie! It wasn't a blockbuster type movie but it was better than that. I love romance movies but the ending sucked because they left eachother at the end because he didn't wanna tell his friends about the relationship. It ended that way and I was like what the hell I want more! It was made in 1998 so there's probably isn't a sequel but the ending was kinda made for a sequel and for them to get back together. Made me so sad the way it ended. For once though it didn't take away from the movie which just tells you how good it was. The second time I watched it I couldn't watch the ending cause I knew I would be sad again. I don't cry over movies alot only like three times.
Not much else going on. BYE!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Computer Down

The computer fan was to get fixed from sunday night to tuesday night but he didn't do anything and said it was fine and it's the same. Stupid. Anyway I can't play my tennis videos cause of this crappy computer. I have like four tennis matches to watch and I can't. So frustrating.
I curled this sunday ans played third. My skip basically didn't make the right calls and gave the other team a steal of two in the last end to tie it. I'm gonna skip next week for sure.
Canada is in the playoffs narrowly after coming back from 8-4 to get 3 steal 1 steal 1 to win 9-8. Incredible. I taped it last night and I'll tape the two playoff matches tonight to finish my women's worlds tape window. Federer won Indian Wells and has a good chance of winning Miami with Agassi withdrawing and Moya beating Nadal :-) Nadal has beat Federer three times losing once so I'm pretty scared of him right now and hope he keeps losing so they don't have to face eachother.
My face is getting more pimply for some reason. It better improve since I'm still using facial cleansing gel. Nothing else really.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Havent blogged alot

Not much has happened since my last post. Haven't curling in a week and a half, haven't had much to eat cause there's nothing to eat, I'll probably order something tonight since all I've had for supper the last two times is ten pieces of minute steak and five garlic bread pieces. Curling is on the Tim Hortons Brier and the Women's Worlds start this Saturday intertwining with the Brier Semis and Final. The Pacific Life Open has started and the great Martina Hingis is making a huge comeback beating #4 Lindsay Davenport to get to the semi finals. I'm wondering if I should buy curling gloves that cost $50. How useful are they? Also I wanna buy a yellow wristband(LIVE STRONG) and a white one that support cancer and poverty. See ya next week!